What is AMEDOOR ?

アメリカン アウトドアの略語

What is AMEDOOR?
American Outdoor Abbreviation.
It refers to the urban outdoor style born from the heavy duty of the 70’s and the new sports of the 90’s based on the Japanese AMECAJI.

AMEDOOR's Mission

1 70s〜90sのアウトドアギア(アーカイブクロージング)及びスタイル(アーカイブスタイル)を保管して次の世代に残す
2 70s〜90sのアウトドアギア及びスタイルをリライトして新たな価値を作り出す。
3 ゴミにするのではなく再びマーケットに循環させることにより物を捨てずに繋げていく文化を作る
4 大手企業がやらないことを行う

AMEDOOR’s Mission
1 The outdoor gear (archival closing) and style (archival style) of the 70’s to 90’s are stored and left to the next generation.
2 We create a new value by relighting the outdoor gear and style of 70s-90s.
3 Create a culture that does not throw things away but connects them by circulating them back to the market instead of disposing of them.
4. Do what big companies don’t do.

AMEDOOR's Vision



古いことを学んで 新しい知識を得る生み出すことです。

無駄をなくし 地球に優しい文化を作りたいと思います。

AMEDOOR’s Vision


There is a Japanese proverb that says, “ONKOCHISHIN”.
It’s about learning the old, creating the new, gaining knowledge.
We will create a recycling society that creates new value from old things.
We want to reduce waste and eliminate waste and create a culture that is kind to the earth.